Wedding Party


Flower Girl

Aurelia is Pete's niece, and our wedding day is also her 4th birthday! She loves to socialize and is very outgoing and full of excitement. Her passions include dancing to the ukulele with her dad, making art, and playing in the park with her friends. Pete is proud that she is a big fan of the Green Bay Packers.


Mother of the Bride

Though she is no longer with us, Kirsten's mom will be very much present in spirit. She and Steve met in high school and were happily married for 43 years. Linda spent her career as a radiographer. She was a huge fan of books, gardening, progressive political causes, travel, and her beloved Welsh Corgi dogs. Linda also had a passion for music, particularly rock, soul, and folk. Her favorite artist was Van Morrison.


Father of the Bride

Steve lives in Burnsville, a suburb of Minneapolis. He is a tooling engineer by trade, and in recent years has worked for himself as a contractor. Though he claims to be semi-retired, he keeps very busy restoring vintage motorcycles and cars, and helping Kirsten and Pete finish their basement! Pete and Steve immediately hit it off due to their shared passion for building design.


Mother of the Groom

Pete's mom, Anne, grew up in Galesburg, IL. She and Tim met as students of Knox College (also in Galesburg) and now reside in Port Washington, a suburb of Milwaukee. She is a retired journalist who continues to do some freelance writing. Much of her free time is devoted to working with animal therapy groups. Anne has a passion for classic literature and is also very active in her church choir.


Father of the Groom

Pete's dad, Tim, grew up in Homewood, IL and now lives in Port Washington, WI with Anne. He has spent his career as a metallurgist at a steel mill. Tim loves UW Badgers hockey, The Who, and Czech Pilsners, as well as travel and attending Shakespeare plays with Anne.



Doug is Kirsten's cousin and we are so honored that he will officiate our wedding ceremony! He shares Pete and Kirsten's passion for following political news and advocating for progressive causes. Another thing we all have in common is a love of dogs - in fact, Doug even has tattoos in homage to his beloved Norwegian Elkhounds. He is married to Rosanne and they have a son, Michael, who is a high school track star. By day, Doug is the Director of Fitness Management for Foley & Mansfield PLLP.


Maid of Honor

Cynthia and I met at work and became fast friends. I was impressed with her wardrobe and with the sheer number of baby birthday parties she seemed to attend. Later, we bonded over many memorable conversations on our sofas, and less memorable conversations on the streets of New Orleans. Once she talked me out of sailing away to Veracruz with the Royal Navy, which was a good call. When I moved back to Minnesota on short notice, Cynthia accompanied me on the long drive from Texas. She is an energy policy adviser to the British Consulate and lives in Houston.



Julia and I shared a house shortly after I moved to Austin. The other roommate (our good friend Ben) found us both via a Craigslist roommate ad! In the years since, we've shared numerous camping weekends - sometimes admiring nature's beauty, sometimes getting scolded by park rangers for being too rowdy. This past summer, she came up to Minneapolis for my mom's memorial service, was a total rock for me, and even managed to make that week really memorable and special. As a side-note, Julia and Pete have bonded over their love of the Packers. She is a social worker for the Austin school district and lives with her husband, Christian.



Mary and I met when working for the Texas Democratic Party, and became even closer when she moved in with her then-boyfriend Patrick (now husband) who lived in my same apartment complex. I totally became their third wheel and our weekends always involved me and Mary drinking coffee and mimosas while Patrick cooked pancakes. Mary's work background is in fundraising and she has two adorable rescue dogs, Mr. Brooks (AKA my nephew, who I may have walked down the aisle at Mary and Patrick's wedding) and Kingsley. Mary just finished her MBA from UT-McCombs and moved to Brooklyn with Patrick and the furbabies.



Elizabeth is Pete's sister! We met last summer, when she and her family and their folks convened in Minneapolis to celebrate their mom's birthday. We had so much fun wandering and dining around the neighborhood and I am super excited to finally have a sister. Elizabeth works for the Population Reference Bureau in DC, where she specializes in family planning and health programs in the developing world. She and her husband, Spencer, have an adorable 3 year old, Aurelia, who will be our flower girl.



Niki is Kirsten's first cousin and first friend. We grew up together as kids and later lived together while I was attending UMN and she was going to Aveda Institute for her esthetician license. Niki owns Blend Brow & Skin Studio in Eden Prairie and she and her husband Mike (and their super cute French Bulldog) will soon move to their beautiful new home in west Bloomington.


Best Man

Ricky and I have known each other for over a decade, spanning back to our undergrad days at the U of MN. We, along with his partner Michelle, have bonded over our passion for travel and exploration, sharing adventures ranging from climbing mountains in Colorado to camping through Banff, Canada. To date, the three of us still manage to find time in all of our busy schedules to get together weekly and make dinner & watch Game of Thrones. Ricky is a IT specialist working for Delta.



Nate and I were members of the 2011 Masters of Architecture program at the U of MN. While we knew each other during the first year, our friendship really began when we both lived in Venice during Spring of 2010. There we spent many nights roaming various campi, jumping off bridges, and learning about out mutual disgust for grappa. Since returning we have shared numerous concerts and outdoor patios as well as discovering the Twin Cities best Tom Petty cover band. Nate works as an architect for City Desk Studio in St. Paul and he and his wife live in Robbinsdale (aka The Lodge).



Like Nate, Ian and I were a part of the same Masters of Architecture program at the U. We quickly bonded over our shared passion for the Packers (NFL's greatest team. Bar none.) including multiple road trips out to Lambeau Field along which we have experienced the bounty that is small town Wisconsin bars. Along with sports, Ian and I have attended multiple shows together including one of my top 3, the Gaslight Anthem at First Ave, in March of 2015. Ian currently works as an architect at LSE Architects in Minneapolis where our firms continue to compete for similar projects with his having won the last round (it's okay, we'll let you have that one...).



Ryan is Kirsten's brother! We first met not too long after Kirsten and I had started dating and we were able to quickly bond over our love of Jerry the dog (naturally), beers, and computers. Ryan, like everyone else, has been so incredibly gracious, welcoming me and sharing in all the family events like the great 4th of July and Christmas Eve parties. I am incredibly honored to have him be a part of our wedding party and stand up as Kirsten and I take our vows.



Like Nate and Ian, John was one of my closest friends throughout my MArch program at the U of MN. He also was a part of my study abroad in Venice (along with Nate) where John introduced us to a huge range of new music while we drank wine and played cards. John and I continued our friendship after school when we both worked for MSAADA Architects, a firm that focuses on design in the developing world. While there John spent time in Haiti and later taking over for me in Tanzania working on a wide range of development projects. John will return in August to the United States with his wife Aisha and son Grant where they will be looking to settle down in Minneapolis.



Spencer is married to Pete's sister, Elizabeth. He teaches 5th grade and loves brewing beer, but tries to keep the two separate. Talk to him about heavy metal or Star Wars and prepare to be impressed. Originally from South Carolina, he now lives in the DC area with Beth and their daughter (our fabulous flower girl) Aurelia.
Petra Kern